Natuurhistorisch & Volkenkundig

NVM Oudenbosch

Responsibilty for the museum rests with the board of the Stichting Natuurhistorisch en Volkenkundig Museum in Oudenbosch (Oudenbosch Museum of Natural History and Ethnology Foundation). The board convenes at least eight times a year.

Chairperson M.J.A. Deelen
Secretary E.N. Beekman
Treasurer C. Daleboudt

 V. Willemsen
S.A. Eland
L. Bolder-Schrijver (conservator Geology)
A.M. Visser (Conservator Archeology)
R. van Ast (PR/Education)


Ideally every departmental committee has a representative on the board. At the moment the committees are inactive. The museum is trying to attract new (skilled) staff.